Jay D Time

Screenshots of me busting another load solo before work... watching some hot porn of course!

Number of pictures: 46

Happy New Year

Screenshots from a new solo I made on New Years eve before work. Video coming this week.

Number of pictures: 39

My Favorite Past-Time

Kicking back in my chair and stroking my cock....

Number of pictures: 14

Dude from Grindr

Fucked this dude from Grindr. Here are some shots from that!

Number of pictures: 23

Smoking & Jerking Off 3

This is a video I screenshotted and really got the essence of a hard cum shot + the aftermath close ups for you cum pigs out there!

Number of pictures: 45

Tag Team 2

Another set of photo's attached and screenshot from a hidden cam recording. Get a hold of me if you want the video.

Number of pictures: 5

Tag Team

Beau getting tagged after a night of partying!

Number of pictures: 14

Grindr Hook Up

Screenshot's from a Grindr Hook Up. Video is posted here as well.

Number of pictures: 22

Jerking Off in Motel

At the motel jerking off in the mirror. This is a screenshot compilation of the video.

Number of pictures: 12

Smoking a Cigar in Bed

This is a compilation of screenshots from a video I made custom for one of my xtube fans. For those who have an obsession with smoking... hit me up, I do it and I love to make video's doing just that!

Number of pictures: 11

Ass Up Mouth Shut

Photoset taken from my latest video

Number of pictures: 34

You Love My Cock!

From the Video... Tell me you love my cock

Number of pictures: 12

Fucked In Home Office

Screenshots taken from a video shot fucking in my friends home office while his wife was at work.

Number of pictures: 14

Fucked on Wifes Bed

Taken while fucking my friend on his wife's bed. Video available now!

Number of pictures: 11

Jacking Off In Motel

I could not wait for my trick to arrive so I decided to start early by myself! Video available as well.

Number of pictures: 6

Shed Jerk Off

Screenshots taken while jerking off in my work shed! Solo video available now!

Number of pictures: 10

Getting Ready To Jerk Off

Some screenshots I made early on in my amatuer endeavors... getting ready to jerk off on cam.

Number of pictures: 8